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Life in General

I'm sitting in a coffee shop with a little less than year between now and the last time I wrote on this blog about what my life is like. My "about me" section still describes my life as a home schooled high school student who had never moved or really experienced a lot of change in her life.
Since senior year ended last may, I have spent more time away from my home than at home. I have found and am still finding new places that I now think of as home as well. I finished my freshman year of college and enjoyed learning more than I ever had in my entire life. I gained a new perspective on politics and the world around me as I watched a major US election unfold without being under my parent's roof for the first time.
Patten and I navigated a long distance relationship through all of that, and came out on the other side (wohoo!!). I guess we still like each other.

Through two roommates and lots of brand new friendships, I learned just how many kinds of people there are t…

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