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Missionaries are for Fairy Tales. Right?

"One day I'll be a missionary in Africa."

As kids, these words passed between the lips of myself and many of my friends frequently.
We were good church girls. It often seemed that the only option good enough for being a real, amazing Christian grown up was to drop everything and move out to Africa.

     Mama would read books and books about the lives of people like Mary Slessor, James Taylor, Gladys Alward, and William Carey, to name a few. These stories were wild and inspiring. I loved thinking about the missionaries stepping through primitive villages in their fancy 1900s western clothing, pale skin, and British accents. I fantasized about finding my way into a jungle somewhere and happening upon people who had never left their corner of the world before, who maybe didn't even know that the world had other corners to explore. I would dodge spears and pass by witch doctors and slowly make my way into the community as a friend. I would miraculously not only learn th…

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