About Me

Hey! This is me, Claire.

My life is pretty predictable. I've always lived in the same lovely small town and the same house. I've always been home schooled, and a good amount of my best friends from childhood are still my best friends, as a rising senior in high school.
My mind is incredibly busy, unorganized, and a lot of the time confused. I'm mostly extroverted with a small but very real introverted side. I'm a middle child and a people pleaser. If I find out that I've upset you there's a ninety six percent chance that I'll cry.

Starting this blog honestly terrifies me. I'm not used to sharing my very average writing with anybody other than close friends. But I want to improve in writing, and that desire landed me here.
My blog, Roads Full of Promise, is a title inspired by the Avett Brother's song (Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise), and travel. I have a unique opportunity in the children's choir I am a part of  that allows me to travel more than I would otherwise be able to. This blog is where I will explore writing through talking about those experiences. I will talk about literal travel experiences and also the dramatic concept of traveling through life. Bear with me, that's hopefully as cheesy as I'll get.

What really needs to be said is that I love my life because my Savior has given me freedom in it. Jesus Christ is my one source of joy and worth. My life is full of promise because I hold on to the hope of complete redemption in heaven at the feet of my Maker. Here I will share some of what Christ has done in my life, and I pray that it ministers to some of you.

Much love, enjoy!


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