Spring Anticipation

Two nights ago I was outside and the weather was just beautiful. This is nothing deep or long, just something that made me happy.

"It is nighttime, but not in a scary way.
Winter felt long and cold with lots of rain. Now, halfway into March, we're coming to the end of those dreary months and feeling the approach of something better.
Some trees are still bare, but many are coming back to life. Speckled around town among the buildings and dead trees are flourishing blossoms in purples and whites. They take over the scenery and fill their onlookers with life.
The warmth of today's sunny weather has faded into the pleasant nighttime we have now. It's the kind of temperature that doesn't feel quite like anything because is is so perfectly comfortable.
The air is clear and fresh, the sky is overflowing with stars. They are speckled so brightly and the moon is hanging so nicely. Small noises from frogs and cicadas are coming through my bedroom window, prepping my spirits even further for summer nights, when those sounds will take up every bit of idle noise.
Tonight is not scary at all. It is telling of seasons to come, filling it's inhabitants with anticipation and wonder over such a glorious creation."


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